SCANDAL; “Senkou Riot 2014” blogpost by RINA☆

Senkou Riot 2014! 10 bands selected from amongst over 10,000 groups; The amazing energy was super cool! I really received strength from it! Us too, had been waiting in anticipation for this day, and before this, we’d also listened to the source of the sound by the finalists☺︎ That’s why, I was happy to hear it live! And then, during the MC, they’d came right up and expressed their thoughts to us, which was really inspirational. It was too wonderful.

It was also fun that there was a dance contestー…that was nostalgic. Dance is cool after all and I like it! Without us knowing, the time had passed☺︎ It might’ve been like a marathon and tough for the audiences, but I’m happy everyone held on to their energy right up till the end! Thank you very much!

We’ll meet again next time☺︎ This year’s August has had more of all sorts of feelings as compared to the usual.

※ Extra: My hair is now the brightest it has ever been in my life☺︎ Announcing this for the first time…


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