ARENA LIVE TOUR 2014 FESTIVAL full broadcast download

Full concert. MKV version, 720p, 2.65GB

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With Yoake no Ryuuseigun pv now avaible on VEVO, everyone can now watch it and enojy it!

Along with this news, BillBoard japan has revealed its full charts:

#3 on Hot 100
#1 on Hot Animation which gives them a  nomination at the Billboard Japan Music Awards 2014 in the “Animation Artist of the Year” category
#18 on Top Airplay
#8 on Adult Contemporary (new record for them, prev. Departure @ #10)

Also SoundScan published the single sales for each version until now in its single chart:

#7 Yoake Limited A with 11,113 copies
#11 Yoake Limited B with 7,571 copies
#13 Yoake Pokémon Edition with 6,527 copies
#17 Yoake Regular Edition with 4,846 (total 30,057)


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI & MAMI on J-WAVE’s『BEHIND THE MELODY』radio programme (22nd July), with Kameda Seiji-san! Today’s theme is “I Want To Get To Know The Artist!”: The Secret of the Music, and the artists on this day are Tomomi and Mami! Continuing from the previous single (“Departure”), Kame-chan has also produced the band’s 19th and latest single, “Yoake no Ryuuseigun" /claps/ As today there will be questions from the artists, we’ll start with Mami, who asks, "It’s regarding the arrangement but Kameda-san normally heads into the studio right before the recording, and then we have everyone picking up their instruments. For SCANDAL, we have no keyboardist, although in this song we do. Where does this image come from?

Kameda-san says that for sounds that are outside of the band’s ability, he will factor it in via writing letters and seek consultations. Everyone would hear it first with the added instruments before getting into the studio. For arrangements, he’ll definitely play it on the guitar and piano and after that he’ll add the song’s melody, before suggesting it to be played on a certain instrument. Now for Tomomi’s question, in which she asks, “This is about lyrics, but when you helped us with “Departure” and its arrangement, and we talked about whether we should add the work ‘sakura’ in or not. At that time, I was thinking, could it be that the lyrics affected your arrangement?

Kameda-san then talks about “Departure" having quite an effect on the Japanese and even the video was something he’d had an image of in his head, but for sure he is affected by the sounds / music he hears. However, for Kameda-san’s arrangements, he’ll have portions that are simpler and there’ll be just melody with melody weaved together at some points. For "Departure" for example, the words and the melody would definitely fit each other at some point. There’s one more very important point: When he’s producing for the band, he’ll also factor in each and every personality of the member. He’ll think of connecting certain parts for each member.

After that, Kameda-san also emphasizes that it is of utmost importance to take care of each member’s personalities. But arrangement is definitely fun and it’s fun to play the guitar or bass, and also enjoyable for the singer. Mami says he’s really thought about their personalities indeed. That’s about it for the broadcast!

Video upload w/ thanks to solfaman @ YT, translations by fyscandalband. Translations are pretty brief so take note.


SCANDAL; “Q&A + off shot” blogpost by RINA☆

  • Q. Although it’s a guy singing, what SCANDAL songs are recommended?: "Shunkan Sentimental / Awanai Tsumori no, Genki Dene / Rainy / Koe. How is it somewhat☺︎? Although it’s a guy’s voice, I want to hear it as well. As ‘Koe’ for MAMI has a considerably lower key, so you might be able to sing it as it is. I think it’s good if you lower the key for the other songs. For guys to do the copy-band thing as well makes me happyー.

  • Q. How do you mostly view and listen to movies?: "Since I watch past works often, I often do rentals. If I like it and want to watch it again, I’ll buy it. I really like cinemas. If I get into a new piece of work, I must go watch it in the cinemas☺︎ I like late shows.

  • Q. Do you like mint-chocolate ice-cream?: "I do like itー. RINA & HARUNA are into Super Cup’s choco-mint.

  • Q. Have you wanted to go to University?: "If we hadn’t formed the band, I’d certainly have gone. I’d intended to go. We formed the the band in the Summer holidays of my 3rd year in middle-school, and I chose to get to know high-school and artist activities. I’d really also planned to study differently during high-school and studied by observing. However, I think I’m glad for every choice I’d madeー!

  • Q. How do you make the smiley come out?: "If you hit「nico」, it’ll appear☺︎ Actually, if you hit「ni」it’ll already come out☺︎ nico nico (smile smile)

  • Q. Regarding finding an instrument that suits yourself?: "The sound of an instrument is important, however I think visuals are equally as important. At the beginning, I think ‘It’s because I like the design!’, ‘It’s because I like the artiste model!’ and such, is fine. Similar to your hand reaching out for the western clothing you’re into on Sundays, I think the number of times you play the instrument will increase.

  • Q. What’s the reason you’re thinking of, making an area for ladies and children at live houses?: "We’re creating an area for ladies and children at venues that don’t have seats. Since our debut, we’ve always focused on lives, and as we looked at the audiences from the stage, we felt that those having their first experience at a live were being overwhelmed. I’m very grateful for all the guys that understand and support this. Thank you☺︎

  • Q. What’s important when you’re thinking of conveying something or letting people know something?: "When I can’t quite put what I’m thinking of into words well, firstly, I’ll do an essay / article. I think it’s good to put my own philosophy as the centerpiece. From there, even when in front of a great crowd, I intend to speak to each and every person one by one☺︎

  • Q. How do you decide on the design of your nails?: "It highly depends on the season and new song. In the past, I’ll look at nail magazines, but recently I’ll factor in my nails along with fashion magazines or the designs of western clothing from the shops I saw. I’d also think of having colours suited to a song’s image. Yoake no Ryuuseigun has a sparkly, clear image, and so that’s how I feel☆

  • Q. Do you live alone?: "That’s right. It’s been around 3 and a half years since I lived alone already. When I first came to Tokyo, I lived with HARUNA, and then after that the four of us lived together in a single house. Since I stopped being a student, each of us has came to live on our own☺︎

  • Q. Where’s good to write my question?: "Please do it at the blog’s comment (section)☺︎

※ Extra: It’s been 1 month since the Arena live. Has it only been 1 month since it’s passed…I’ve stuck on off-shots from those rehearsal times☺︎

Translated by fyscandalband.


SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; “Fanmail from listeners on ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun’! Plus something additional about ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun’??”


SCANDAL on SCANOMICS; “Fanmail from listeners on ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun’! Plus something additional about ‘Yoake no Ryuuseigun’??”


Great news! SCANDAL brand new single, Yoake no Ryuuseigun close its first week at #5 with 32,013 copies sold! Looking at the latest single release, we can see an improvement since Departure first week sales (30,952) and those new numbers are nearer to Awanai Tsumori no Genki de ne (32,533), which it’s still SCANDAL best selling single up to date with 40,639 copies sold.

Congrats girls!

Today the single is at #6 on the single daily chart


SCANDAL’s TOMOMI & MAMI; “Thank you very much for those that listened to BEHIND THE MELODY~FM KAMEDA! After the recording, here’s a 3-shot with Kameda-san, TOMOMI and MAMI! Stay tune as J-WAVE continues!”


SCANDAL; Mezamashi Live 2014 clip on Mezamashi TV

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian @ YT!